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Unsinkable Blog Tour

Title: Unsinkable 
Author: Nicole Bradshaw
Genre: Fiction
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Unsinkable Description

Fifteen-year-old Corinne LaRoche’s life changes one evening when she returns home and
witnesses her father being harassed by racist French policemen. That’s it! Her frustrated father
decides the family is leaving France and moving back to Canada.

After boarding the beautiful Titanic, Corinne meets Christopher, the Captain’s nephew. Coming
from a wealthy British family, Christopher is privileged in every way. He matches perfectly with
Sophia, the daughter of a dear family friend he plans to wed.
Unsinkable is the tale of how two teens from seemingly different worlds come together amidst a
tragedy that changed thousands of lives forever. They could have never imagined their
impending fate as well as the family secrets revealed four days before the sinking. This novel
gives a day-by-day account of the doomed voyage as told from a minority perspective.

A Bond Broken Description (Prequel e-novella to Unsinkable)
Corinne’s big sister, Astrid, has always looked out for her, even if Astrid believes Corinne has
favor with their parents. But Astrid has a secret. She confides to her younger sister her plans to
leave the tiny town of Cherbourg, France to become the first colored fashion designer in New
York City. She’ll finally be on her own and rid of the family’s strict rules.
When their father loses his job, Astrid is commanded to leave school in order to assist the family
financially. Trying to help, Corinne reveals Astrid’s secret but only makes the situation worse.
Astrid feels betrayed by her younger sister and promises revenge. She seizes the perfect
opportunity with Corinne’s blossoming friendship with a boy from class.
The sisters become mortal enemies and vow to hate one another until the day they die. That day
may come sooner than they think. On April 10th, 1912, the family boards the beautiful Titanic
on a voyage that will change their lives forever.
A Bond Broken is the prequel novella to the novel Unsinkable, which tells the fictitious story of
the only black family on the doomed ship, the Titanic.

Fact Sheet for Nicole Bradshaw

•Born and raised in Malvern, PA but has lived in Silver Springs, MD and currently resides in the

•First taste of writing began when she and her older sister used to create plays from Archie

•Wrote a parenting column for The Bahama Buy and Sell, a local newspaper.

•Penname Nicole Bradshaw is her middle name and her mother’s maiden name.

•Chose a penname to differentiate her adult novels from her children’s novels.

•Currently writes children’s stories for an ipad app.

•Unsinkable came about one day when she was watching the popular movie, Titanic.

•She wondered if there were any minorities on the ship. After the movie, she googled it and
found out about the LaRoche family. From there, she created Unsinkable.

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