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Title: A Social Affair
Author: Pat Tucker and Earl Sewell
Genre: Romance
Page Length: 288 pages
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A cautionary tale about finding love online and the trouble that comes with cheating. Bored with her humdrum married life, thirty-two-year-old Codi Norman is searching for excitement. After teaming up with her best friend, Katina, Codi discovers that the Internet offers both money and an escape from her earthly life. In cyberspace anything is possible, and that is what Codi loves most.

While online, she meets a charming and handsome man named Quinn Hamilton. Sparks fly and
the two begin a torrid affair with unpredictable consequences. But their virtual lives collide with
reality when their spouses discover their illicit relationship.

Excerpt 1:
“Don’t trip. I can come to you. When do you want me to come through?”
“Let’s see,” I said. I was stalling as I tried to determine how long it would take
for me to get the house company ready.
Katina was like family, but because I stayed home all day, I didn’t need her
thinking I was nasty and lazy. The reason I didn’t clean as diligently as I should was
because I was always trying to teach Larry’s lazy, ungrateful, chauvinistic ass a lesson!
Uuggh! He made me so sick.
“Uumm, it’s ten now. How about around one? That way I have time to feed
Taylor and get him settled back down again.”
“Okay. I’ll be there some time around one,” Katina said.

Excerpt 2:
“Codi!” Larry screamed louder.
He really got me messed up. If I wasn’t putting beers in the freezer then walking
out to retrieve them, it was like he kept thinking of reasons to bother me.
“Ugghh! I wish Katina would answer her damn phone!” I said.
Larry’s voice startled me! I turned around to see him standing in the doorway
with an attitude stretched across his plain features. I didn’t even hear him sneak up on
“You know you heard me calling you,” he said.
Did his words slur a bit? Was he already drunk?
“Why you tryna embarrass me in front of my boys?” he asked.
I sat there staring up at him, thinking quite surely he wasn’t serious, but I
realized he was!
“Embarrass you?”
“Yeah. You heard me calling your ass! What the hell you doing up in here that
you can’t come see about me? Kevin had to get up and get his own damn pepper. What
kind of shit is that? You tryna make my boys feel unwelcomed over here or what?”

Excerpt 3:
“Ooohh, seafood,” I squealed.
“Yup.” Katina swung into a parking spot and turned off the car. “So, look. These
guys have money, okay. If you’ll look on your Facebook page, you’ll see that both of
them have sent you friend requests.”
“I haven’t logged on in at least three days,” I admitted.
Katina sighed like she was dealing with a child. When she spoke, she started
slow and soft.
“Candi, this is business and we both need the money, so I’m gonna need you to
stay on top of your hustle. You’ve got to be on those pages. I need you friending up
these guys,” she said.
“Okay, okay. I’ve just been busy,” I said.
She eyed me like I was lying, “Too busy to make money?” she asked.
“Nah, never that,” I said.
Katina flipped down the visor mirror and checked her teeth. She replenished her
lip gloss and puckered her lips a couple of times. Then she turned to me and said,
“Oooh, you’re shining. I need you to use these. They’ll soon be your best friend.”

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Website: http://authorpattucker.com/?page_id=44

Author Bio:
I spend my days as a news director for the radio station, KPFT Pacifica's affiliate in
Houston. By night, I'm busy churning out page-turning stories. I'm a former television
news reporter, with a knack for ripping inspiration straight from the headlines-many of
my stories are inspired by real life events.
I'm an award-winning broadcast journalist who has worked as a reporter for ABC, NBC
and Fox affiliate TV stations and Radio stations in California and, Victoria, Waco, and
Houston, Texas. I'd like to think it's the quality of my stories that keep the readers coming
back. I'm also a ghost writer-which means I'm often cranking out stories for other authors
as well....
I've written 11 novels and short stories in three anthologies, including Zane's New York
Times Bestseller, Caramel Flava. I graduated from San Jose State University, and am a
proud and active member of Gamma Phi Sigma, the Houston Chapter of Sigma Gamma
Rho Sorority, Inc.
Books by Pat Tucker: Daddy's Maybe, Lachez, Party Girl, Football Widows, Daddy by
E-books: All of the above, plus Proceed With Caution-Led Astray-Infidelity-The Hook
Up-Summer Breeze (anthology) Under Pen Name PL Wilson: Holy Hustler-Sweetwater
Sinners Under Pen Name Rikki Dixon: Try Me

Author Links:
Official Web Page: http://authorpattucker.com
Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Pat-Tucker/e/B004FVLFZO/
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/166156.Pat_Tucker
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorpattuckerreaders?fref=ts

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