Friday, April 12, 2013

Grishma Review

Grishma by Kelly Anne Blount

OMG, THIS BOOK WAS AWESOME! I loved it so much! I also had a hard time putting it down. The main character, Brooklyn, was a bit standoffish and selfish at first, but near the middle it got better. Another character, Ryder, is totally swoon worthy. He is the best. He wants to protect Brooklyn and save her. Then of course, like almost every fantasy novel, there is a prince. The prince is ok at first, but then he doesn't help Brooklyn. That's when I stopped liking him. The bad guy (girl, character, whatever), Grishma, tries to kill everyone, especially Ryder and those close to him.
It was amazing and I loved it. And I can't wait for the sequel.
5 stars for this amazing and wonderful book.

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