Thursday, November 16, 2017


Hey everyone! I know that I haven't posted in a while, but I'm here to drop some links for some new books that just released today!
The first one, ENCHANT by Micalea Smeltzer. Micalea is such an awesome author and has released so many books! Enchant is a Paranormal Romance. Without further ado, here is the blurb, cover and buy links!

Mara Pryce never imagined that her life was anything but normal and then a strange gray-eyed young man appears at her graduation. When he vanishes without a trace, shes convinced hes a figment of her imagination. Then he appears again and shatters her whole world.
Mara is an enchanter, part of an ancient line of Wiccan power, and a war is ragingone of good and evilbetween the Enchanted and the Iniquitous.
The Iniquitous want her dead and its Theodores job as her protector to keep her safe.
When Mara and Theodore arrive at a safe house, where Mara will remain hidden while learning about her powers, they find that the real threat might be a little closer to home than they want to believe.

The second book is ON THE WAY TO YOU by Kandi Steiner. Kandi is the author of the Palm South University series along with a bunch of other books. I cant wait to read this book. It is about two people going on a road trip, and I absolutely love books like that. Here is the blurb, cover, and buy links!

What makes you happy?

That was the question Emery Reed asked me the day we met, and I couldnt give him a single answer. I could have said my dog, or my books, or yogabut I just stared.

And then, I got in his car.

It was crazy to take a road trip with a stranger, but after years of standing still, he was my one-way ticket to a new life, and I wasnt going to miss it.

We shared the same space, the same car, the same hotel roomand still, we were strangers. One day wed be laughing, the next, we wouldnt speak. Emery was surrounded by impenetrable walls, but I wanted in.

Discovering his journal changed everything.

I read his thoughts, words not meant for anyones eyes, and the more I learned about him, the harder I fell. It turned out nothing made Emery Reed happy, and I wanted to change that.

I earned his trust by violating his privacy, and as wrong as it was, it workeduntil one entry revealed a darkness I never knew existed, a timer I never knew was ticking.

Suddenly, what made me happy was saving Emery from himself. I just didnt know if I could.

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