Thursday, April 25, 2013

Show Your Support Kindle Giveaway Blog Hop

Today is my stop on the Show Your Support Kindle Giveaway Blog Hop. I had been given free rein on what I wanted to post, so I decided that I will talk about myself, just a little. After you check that out, there is a giveaway posted below. Be sure to enter. Also, be sure to check out the other stops as well, to see what others are talking about. Lastly, if you will, please follow this blog, along with the others you check out. Thanks!

Where are you from/live?
I live in Colorado, where the weather changes so fast, but am from Arizona (where I would rather be right now).

How long have you been reading?
I have been reading since I was little. On car rides, I would always read, and my parents would ask if I was awake (or alive).

What was/is your favorite series?
The series that I would read ALL the time was The Babysitter’s Club by Ann M. Martin. This series is what inspired me to be a babysitter.
My favorite series nowadays is the Significance series by Shelly Crane. I have read it many times and am currently reading it for the hundredth time (I lost count after five times).

Who is (are) your favorite author(s)?
My favorite authors are Shelly Crane and Jessica Sorensen.

What are your favorite genres?
My favorite genres are fantasy, paranormal, romance, YA. Books with some of those combined. I also read some adult contemporary.

What made you start a blog?
Because I have always loved reading, and none of my friends really liked reading, I wanted someway to talk about books and post reviews. So, I started a blog all about books.

Has reading books inspired you to write your own story?
Yes, it has. I have such a strong imagination, that, after finishing a book or series, I would go into my own fantasy world and make myself the main character. I actually have started my own story, but I am at that moment where I am rewriting what I wrote and editing it. I write, then type, then write it out again. So much editing to do. Authors are the main reason why I wanted to start my own story. They put so much time and hard work into their story, that I wanted to follow after them.

Going from that, what is the main character’s name?
The main character’s name is Cassie Fray. There are two other characters that are important. The best friend, Aidan. And then there is also Caleb, the boy Cassie has a crush on. The story has a little ‘love’ triangle.

Well, that is all. Thanks for ‘listening’ to me. Don’t forget about the giveaway below and the other blog stops.

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