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Other Side of Forever Blog Tour

Other Side of Forever
By Shannon Eckrich
Publisher: Crescent Moon Press
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Release Date: January 23, 2012
Length: 236 pages

The Other Side of Forever Cover

What if your life finally seemed to make sense? But, what if­­ in an instant­­everything is taken away? How
far would you go to get your life back? Seventeen ­year ­old Allie Anderson's telekinetic powers are anything but useful­­she can't bring her father back, can't stop her mother's downward spiral into alcohol, and can't keep her from falling in love with Ethan Bradley. Loving Ethan is easy, but it
comes with a hefty price: Ethan is prohibited by his people from interacting with mortals ­­because he isn't mortal himself. When Allie and Ethan's love is discovered, there's someone who will do anything to keep them apart. If Allie can't learn to control her powers and fight to save Ethan, this dark entity will make every attempt to stop her beating heart. And if that happens, not even the energy of an immortal can bring her back.
Shimmering with strong paranormal elements, a touch of mystery, magic, and a forbidden love
story worth dying for, Other Side of Forever will leave you craving more.

Excerpt One:
Ethan rushed out of the trees and raced over. He kneeled down beside me, his expression
matching the feeling that throbbed through my leg. "Are you okay, Allie?" he asked. His breathing
remained steady, even though I knew he had been running through the woods. How weird. But I
was in too much agony and too confused about what happened only minutes ago to ask him
about it.
"My ankle," I said.
He lifted his gaze from my face to stare at my hands. He pushed my hands away and replaced
them with his. The warmth zipping through my ankle began to numb the pain.
"Where did you come from?" I asked, watching his hands in disbelief.
"I live on the other side of the woods," he answered, shooting me a sideways glance before
focusing back on my injury.
"How convenient for me that Ethan Bradley lives on the other side of the woods." The memory of
our argument the night before flashed back into my mind.
"Apparently it's very convenient." He pressed his lips together. "If not, you would be stuck out
here in the middle of nowhere without a way to get home."
The heat from his hands intensified, and I was no longer able to speak. A tingling sensation
snaked its way into my ankle and slithered up my body. His energy completely relaxed me. And
then, all traces of pain were gone. It was if I had never been injured at all.
"How…how did you do that?"
He looked over at me, his dark eyes drowning in hesitation. I thought he was going to tell me the
truth this time, but I was wrong.

Excerpt Two:
“It’s okay,” I whispered. “We belong together.” I now knew what I was saying was true. Between
his pain and my pain, the battle was over. And I could feel the pull, the magnet that had
succeeded in bringing us together. “I’m not going to fight you anymore.”
His deep, dark eyes refused to stray from mine as the strength of his body pushed me back onthe sofa. Our hearts, perfectly aligned, danced in a rhythm I’d never thought possible, like
hundreds of butterflies had been released into the air. Our breaths came in short, shallow gasps
as he explored my neck with the softness of his lips.
Ethan brought his hands up, intertwining his fingers into mine. The warmth of our bodies
connecting turned into a scorching heat, a burning desire that I didn’t understand.
He lifted his head, searching for my eyes. Once he found them, he locked on, refusing to blink as
he drew me in. In an instant, it reminded me of the night we met. The way he’d seemed to peer
into the depth of my soul. Except I wasn’t confused this time. Instead of fighting, instead of
pushing him away like I did that night, I surrendered.

Excerpt Three:
“Ethan,” I whispered into the darkness. Nothing. I crept through the room, moving toward the
kitchen, when something grabbed me from behind. A piercing scream escaped from the depths
of my throat as Ethan, who was laughing hysterically from my reaction, picked me up and tossed
me over his shoulder.
“Omigod…Ethan…you scared the crap out of me!” I gasped for air, but soon joined in with his
“I win,” he announced, still chuckling.
“You most certainly do not,” I snorted. “We haven’t made it into the kitchen yet. And when we do,
it’ll be a tie.”
“Well, since I’m carrying you, technically, I win.”
“Technically, you cheated. So I disqualify you,” I argued back.
“You’ve got a point,” he said, placing me on the counter and using his mental ability to turn on the
Ethan got a spoon out of the drawer and grabbed the ice cream out of the freezer. He opened
the container and scooped out a spoonful of chocolate ice cream and walked over to me,
planting himself in between my legs. He dropped the container on the counter next to me and
brought the spoon up to my mouth.
“Now, wasn’t there something you wanted to say upstairs?” He smiled.I lifted my brows as I swallowed the chocolate, then said. “Oh, I take it you can read minds now?”
“You know I can’t do that.” His face drifted closer to mine, connecting my energy with his,
causing my breath to halt in my throat.
I couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe. It was stupid. I should be used to him by now. But, no, his
smooth ivory skin, shiny brown hair, perfect face, and deep, dark eyes, continued to draw me
away from reality and into my own picture­perfect fantasy world.
He leaned in and I shaped my lips around his, wrapped my legs around his waist, placed my
arms around his neck, and pulled him closer.
Then, in an instant, he pulled me from the counter and placed me on the floor beside him.
“Ethan, what’s wrong?” I whispered.
He stared blankly at the pantry door, unmoving. “They’re coming.” The words slipped past his
lips in a hurry.
“Who—Ethan? Who? Talk to me,” I pleaded. As I finished the sentence, I heard the pantry door
start vibrating.
“What is that?” My voice cracked from the energy I was receiving from Ethan. It was fear. The
Ethan I knew didn’t fear anything, so what was it he was so afraid of? What was behind that
“My portal.”
And, at that moment, I knew exactly who was coming. The others—more immortals from
Asteria. They had found him. They had found us. But what I didn’t know, what I wasn’t sure that I
wanted to know, was what their intentions were.

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About The Author:
Born and raised in Delaware, Shannon Eckrich lives with her husband, two children, and chocolate lab, Chewy, along with her newest addition, Taylor, a spunky little kitty who loves to terrorize her while she’s writing. Shannon’s second love is the paranormal. Ghosts, angels, vampires, aliens, immortals, it
doesn't matter, she’s obsessed with it all, which is why she’s compelled to write stories in the paranormal genre.

Connect with Shannon Online: Author Blog  –  Author Website  –  Author Facebook  –  Twitter  –  Goodreads

Guest Post:
The writing process for every author is different. Some like to outline, some like to edit as they go, and some like to finish a chapter and then go back before continuing on to the next chapter. So, since, the writing process is different for every author, I thought I would share mine.
The first thing I do when I begin a novel is open up the computer. I don’t do an outline or write anything down about my characters or anything else. I start with the story in my head. Normally, the story and the characters have been invading my mind for weeks and weeks before I even think about writing about them. Then I’ll just continue to write, letting my characters take over the story. Sometimes I may need music and sometimes I don’t. It all depends on my mood. The most important thing for me is to get the story out. That’s it. If something needs researching, I save it for later, because if I take myself away from the story, I might lose it.
After I finish my very rough draft and all of my thoughts are out, I read the entire manuscript.
Then I go back and add to the story. I add in my voice and the emotions of my characters, do all of my researching, and make any needed changes to my storyline. Normally, I don’t listen to any music during revisions. I find it very distracting, and I have a hard time envisioning the scenes in my mind.
Then I read it again.
I may revise my manuscript quite a few times before I move onto the next step.
When I’m happy with my revisions, I go through the novel again, checking for sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, plot holes, or anything else.
After I fix the manuscript, I read it again. I read it so much I’m sick of it.
If everything looks okay, I shoot it off to my beta readers. When I get it back, I carefully read what my beta readers tell me and fix the story accordingly.
Then I read it again.
Once I’m happy with the story, I start the querying process, which is an entirely different ballgame. Trying to summarize a 60,000 – 90,000-word manuscript into two hundred and fifty words isn’t as easy as it looks.

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