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Book Info-
Title-It Was You
By Anna Cruise
Publication Date-February 28, 2013
Published By- Mission Bay Publishing


Abby Sellers knows what she wants.

Enduring eighteen years in the shadow of her identical twin sister, Annika, she wants a fresh start. A chance to create her own life, separate from her conniving, deceptive twin.

Surprising both her family and friends, Abby ditches her plans for college and enrolls at a new school instead. There, she encounters West Montgomery, a sexy fellow student who immediately disarms her with his good looks and charm. West takes a liking to Abby and she suddenly finds herself walking a thin line, fabricating a fictional life created not by lies but by omission. She soon discovers West has secrets of his own, secrets that he's not altogether interested in sharing.

Out from under the shadow of her twin, Abby's life—and her relationship with West—blossoms. When Abby leaves town one weekend, something unthinkable happens and her relationship with West is shattered. Reeling from the discovery, Abby fears all of her plans have backfired and she's created a mess for both of them, a mess that no one can clean up.

But West isn't willing to let her go that easily. When he forces her to confront secrets they've both been hiding, Abby must decide more than if she's willing to forgive and forget. She must also decide just what kind of life she wants...and who she wants to live it with.


‘It Was Me’ Blurb- (sequel to ‘It Was You’)

All West Montgomery wanted was a vacation. A week-long stay in Tucson with Abby and her parents, a chance to get away for the week, the opportunity to get to know her family a little better and maybe carve out a little alone time with his girlfriend.

What he doesn't count on is finding a way to resume his baseball career.

Encouraged by Abby and her father to attend a MLB open tryout, West discovers that he can still play ball—well—and he suddenly becomes the hottest commodity on the field. Overwhelmed with offers and possibilities, West knows that whatever choice he makes will affect more than his baseball career. It will affect his future with Abby.

Professional baseball was always his dream, but Abby was a new dream come true. He doesn't want to choose between them, but in order to fulfill one of those dreams, West will have to.

Because he knows it's all on him.

Character Bio
West Montgomery – The uber-hot baseball player/surfer who storms into Abby's life and refuses to take no for an answer. He's got a bit of a temper and hits the sarcasm ball out of the park, but he can bake a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies. And he completely melts Abby's heart.


About the Author-
Anna Cruise has been writing -- and drooling over boys -- since middle school. Lots of years have passed but some things never change...
Her books include the best-seller IT WAS YOU (New Adult), IF I FALL (Mature YA) and MAVERICK (New Adult). Additional titles releasing in 2013 will include a follow-up to Abby and West's story from IT WAS YOU.
Anna loves to hear from readers and authors. Email her at You can also like her Facebook page, find her on Twitter @AnnaCruiseBooks or friend her on Goodreads.


Guest Post - Writing Process
So, the question for this guest post is: what is my writing process?

Hmm. Well, to get to that point, I think I need to explain how I get my ideas. It goes something like this:

Jeff (my fiance, who also happens to be a writer) and I will be sitting on the couch. Or in the car at the gas station. Or on a bench at the county fair. Anywhere, really. And I'll see something that catches my eye. And then I'll start talking.

Me: “Hey. Look at that dude over there.”

Jeff: “The Amish dude? The guy with the straw hat and the weird sideburns?”

Me: “Yeah. Him.”

Jeff, eyebrows raised: “Uh, okay. What about him?”

Me: “He looks like a serial killer.”

Jeff: “What?

Me: “Look. He's getting into the back of that truck. He totally looks like a murderer. I bet there's a body in the back.”

Jeff, pointing: “Those are tools, sweetheart. Like, yard tools.”

Me: “Yeah, I know. But I bet he uses them to kill people.”

Jeff, rolling his eyes in complete and total exasperation: “Jesus. What is wrong with you? He's probably a perfectly nice Amish kid.”

Me, nodding: “I know, I know. But what if he isn't? That would make a totally awesome book.”

Jeff, rolling his eyes: “Uh. Okay. Sure.”

Me: “I'm gonna write it tonight.”

And, boom. There you go. An idea is born. The rest of the process is a hellish mess of me banging the keyboard in frustration, tearing out my hair, and throwing things.

Okay, not really. The rest is a ton of writing...and deleting...and writing some more. I'm always amazed when I finish a story, when the pieces and threads come together and culminate in a complete book.

And I'm always proud. Not everyone will love what I put out there but, hey – that's part of the process, too.

Dream Cast (Author's)
This is always one of those tough things to do as a writer. In my mind, I know exactly what these characters look like. It’s like they’ve been living with me. But finding an exact match for them in order for them to come to life on screen is a really tough challenge. What I always find when I do this is that I think more in terms of personality rather than looks, so my choices aren’t always exact physical matches for the descriptions in my books.

With that said, there are five pivotal roles in It Was You. Here are my choices:

West Montgomery – 

Taylor Kitsch. I know he's sort of like the It Boy for NA novels, but he really is West – the hair, the eyes, the body, the everything. A bit of a bad boy on the outside, but generally a pretty good guy. If Kitsch can cook (can he? does anyone know???) then he’s like West’s doppelganger.

Abby/Annika Sellers – 

Alex Daddorio. I had to look far and wide for my Abby/Annika, but I think she fits the bill pretty well, certainly in the looks department. Playing twin sisters would be a tough task, but I think she could pull it off.

Griffin – 

Kellen Lutz. Big. Muscly. A bit of a wiseass. Looks like he’d be right at home on a surfboard. Yeah, this is him.

Tana – 

Anna Faris. I wanted someone with a strong personality and a great sense of humor. Anna Farris came to mind immediately and she can definitely play a younger character. She’s a strong enough character that I know I’ll eventually give her her own story.

Book Soundtrack (Author's)
Could you share your idea of the perfect Soundtrack to ‘It Was You’ with us?

Wow. The perfect soundtrack. That would imply that my book would be made into a movie. And I would be so freaking excited and weirded out that my ears would be buzzing and I wouldn't hear shit while it was playing on the screen.

But I know that's not the answer you're looking for so I'll share the songs that were on constant replay in my head as I wrote It Was You.

When I Was A Teenage Whore – Hole. Uh, Annika, in the opening scene in the bedroom? Yeah. 'Nuff said. Lyrics don't exactly match up but the title certainly says it all...

Sparks Fly – Taylor Swift. Abby and West in line at Mesa. Sparks definitely flew, not all of them good. And the lyrics...oh my God. Say what you want about Taylor Swift but that girl know how to tell a story with her lyrics.

Feeling This – Blink 182. The bedroom scene when things get hot and heavy between Abby and West the first time around. Hell. Yes.

Crazy Roommate Song – Enur. OK, so this is that crazy roommate commercial from Target a few years back. And all I could think of while writing Tana's scenes with Athena, her crazy roommate, was how their relationship was sooo not like the one depicted in the commercial. :)

Mean – Taylor Swift. Honestly, is there a better song to describe the way Abby feels about Annika?? I can totally see this playing when she goes off on her at SDSU.

Stolen – Dashboard Confessional. The final bedroom scene with Abby and West. A totally perfect song...because they've both stolen each other's hearts.

So there you have it. Of course, a real movie soundtrack would have great instrumental, Danny Elfman inspired music, too...and that would be freaking AWESOME. Hopefully the buzzing in my ears from the panic and excitement won't be too terribly loud... :)

Author's Playlist

Can you share your ‘get motivated’ playlist with us?

My list is probably different than others because I don’t listen to songs that get me all fired up from an energy standpoint. The songs that energize me are the ones with great lyrics, that tell a great story and that I just really like to listen to.

Sick of Myself - Matthew Sweet. Brilliant lyrics and brilliant guitars.

All I Want Is You - U2. Best song ever written? Best song ever written.

Cruise - Florida Georgia Line. My current guilty pleasure. SUCH a fun song. And, yes, I prefer the Nelly version.

Should’ve Just Gone To Bed - Plain White T’s. I LOVE this song. And it is figuring prominently in It Was Me, the sequel to It Was You.

Passenger Seat - The Summer Set. Just a great song with great lyrics and a great beat.

Back Here - BBMak. No one ever knows this song and I’m probably showing my age, but this is such a great, simple pop song.

Mission Bells - Matt Nathanson. His new album came out last week. I know it will be terrific.

All Too Well - Taylor Swift. Look, I could list EVERY Taylor Swift song here. I know it’s fashionable to pick on her and make fun of her for her poor choices in men, but honestly - I can’t think of a songwriter who speaks more to young women.

Down By The Water - The Decemberists. When I first heard this, I thought it was R.E.M. The lyrics just totally haunt me and the lead singer has a tremendous voice.

Nothing Left To Lose - Mat Kearney. Love the lyrics, love his voice, love the song.

Okay. Now I’m all fired up to go write!

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