Sunday, July 21, 2013

Almost 1 Year

How is it that almost a full year has gone by? I started Kats Read last year at the beginning of September under the blog title of Cat's Reviews and More and was blogging on here by myself. In April/May of this year, I had changed the name to Kats Read and took on an admin (I still did all the posting). Now I am here. With a page on Facebook and 81 followers on here.

Do ya'll think I should hold a 1 year blog event on Facebook? Can we get to 100 followers on here?

I am also in need someone who would want to help with posting blog tours and reviews on my blog. If you are interested in joining Natasha and I, please email me. I am looking for someone who would be more committed to helping out with it. Email is: Please put in the subject: Admin spot. 

Thank you!!!!!

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