Friday, December 28, 2012

Significance series

The last book of the Sigificance series (Independence) came out!  Two days ago I started reading the first book Significance and yesterday afternoon, I was like "you know what, I have read the first three books plenty of times and I remember what has been going on. So yesterday afternoon I started reading Independence. I finished last night and was squealing. Instead of crying, I was squealing and do happy. Soon I will have to read all four books again. One of my friends asked me which series was better. Significance series or Morpheus Road series. But I was like they are two different genres and you can't compare them. But no matter what, I absolutely loved the Significance series. Shelly Crane did a wonderful job with this series.
If you like/love romance/fantasy/drama/adventure series I recommend Significance series.
This is the order of the books:

A full five stars for this series.

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